2 Ways to Appreciate the Journey

Isn’t life funny? Teaching us new lessons every day… In fact, owning a business has taught me a lot.

Lessons about what it’s like to try things and have them work or not work. What it’s like to iterate and try again, and be persistent even when I am drowning in these feeling of self doubt or insecurity.

You heard it first. I don’t always have it together, and that’s OKAY.

Same goes for you reading this, friend.

Life is overwhelming at times, and at times it can be really hard to forget how to be grateful. And so, if you do recognize this feeling and you’re thinking “Wow, my life is hard right now, things did not turn out how I had expected…”

I want you to know that you are not alone and that the universe has bigger plans for you. This post will serve as that same reminder.

Everything is going to be okay – let’s sit back and enjoy the ride as I divulge 2 simple steps that you can take to start appreciating the journey (good or bad) while in pursuit of your biggest goals.

1. Stay in the NOW

In this life, it seems as thought we are always reaching for the next thing. It’s almost as if we are obsessed with this idea of an alternate destination.

The next job. The next relationship. The next achievement.

We forget about where we are and what we are receiving right now, which makes it really hard to be happy in the long term.

In order to appreciate the journey, your happiness can’t be dependent entirely on these external achievements & if it is, you will literally drive yourself crazy constantly chasing the next thing.

When we start new endeavours, we get so excited about what could result because of them. We in turn, build up these big stories & dream endings in our heads… when in reality we don’t know what is going to happen.

Instead, what we need to do is learn to treat every opportunity like it is the opportunity we have been waiting for, seeking the joy, and welcoming every moment as it’s own unique experience.

As yourself, “What would feel really fun today and how can I bring more of it into my day? Even in the seemingly most mundane tasks – how can I make it more enjoyable?”

Perspective is everything.

2. Become an Intentional Creator

It’s important to recognize that your thoughts are creating your reality, and the actions you are taking are impacting these thoughts.

Usually we feel because of the way we are acting. Meaning, we do one thing which makes us feel a certain way. So, if you want to feel better… start by acting the way you want to feel.

This should actually be a very empowering situation for you because it basically means you can change any situation you face, for the better.

Consider this an opportunity for you to assess what is or isn’t working & to create what it is you want.

The goals and achievements you are always striving for are merely just placeholders for emotions that you want to feel (i.e. when I get that promotion I will feel good, when I lose 20lbs I will be more confident, etc), but why not choose to feel those emotions now? Why not choose to act as though every thing you desire, you already have?

Try to keep your focus on what you want to create more of, and know that at any time – including right now – you can start creating any life you want.

You have the right to pivot when you want. You have the right to feel how you want to feel.

So act how you want to feel. Do what feels good. Enjoy it all along the way.

Life is a constant opportunity to learn and evolve. You should never feel shame for where you are at, and if you feel like you have been to fixated on the end goal up until this point… just know that, that is OKAY.

Where you are right now is AMAZING.
You are alive.
You deserve to be able to enjoy the crazy ride of life along the way.

2 Ways to Appreciate The Journey

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