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Danielle here!

Mindset Coach on a mission to give millennial women the courage they need to define life on their own terms and #DoTheDamnThing. I aspire to guide every woman I work with to learn to let go of the fears keeping them stuck, to step into their highest selves, and to help them start showing up intentionally in their lives.

Having the life you want begins with the simple decision to GET STARTED. Only YOU get to decide what life it is you want, and only YOU can create it. I am here to help you do just that. Your journey so far has lead you here for a reason, and so I just have one question…


1:1 Coaching Services

Feel overwhelmed or stuck? Perhaps you want to make a change, but you’re uncertain with where or how to make your next move. You just wish life was easy and that things would flow in your favour. This is high access coaching with me where we will work side by side to develop a sense of self-awareness, inner confidence, and clarity to set & achieve goals. If you are lacking accountability in your life – this is what you need.


Free yourself from fear, anxiety, and self-doubt in this powerful 1:1 session. Together we will unpack any immediate pressing concerns, and then work through an individualized tapping sequence to help you find freedom from that issue.


soul society

Looking for the support of a community? The Soul Society is a membership program for millennial women ready to design a life they love. Inside, women learn simple strategies to navigate the chaos of the world. Members will gain exclusive access to live stream yoga classes, guided meditations, and mindset exercises, as well as support from the community in a private group!


Life Coach Certification

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