It's time to free yourself.

Are you ready to let go of the beliefs that are keeping you stuck?

What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing modality that uses tapping on different energy meridians in the body to address emotional & energetic blocks, reduce stress, and manage anxiety.

Imagine if you could finally let go of the fears & self-doubt that constantly circle your mind. Imagine no longer feeling anxious, stressed out about what every else thinks. Imagine finally having the confidence to go after your deepest desires.

These are just some of things we can address in a 1:1 EFT Session.

EFT Intensive

During a private session, we discuss what recurring thoughts or emotions are posing a significant challenge for you right now and work together to develop a custom sequence for your specific problem.

Together, we tap through the sequence twice – first to bring any negative thoughts & emotions to the surface, and second to release & reaffirm a new belief.

We close the practice with a mini meditation & short discussion on carrying forward into day-to-day life with this new found sense of clarity.

The session takes approximately 30 minutes & is conducted via Zoom.

Following the conclusion of the session, clients will also receive 7 days of follow up voice & text coaching support through any post-session emotions and experiences.

A single session can help you find freedom from what is holding you back, and allow you to step up into a life of happiness & fulfillment.

EFT clients leave the session feeling more confident, less stressed, and more at ease with their emotions.

Upon receipt of payment, I will contact you to schedule the session.


What My Clients Are Saying

I really appreciate that you were able to relate to the anxiety I experience, and my need to control things, since you knew where I was coming from I felt really comfortable and confident that you would be able to help and you did!

Chelsea D
Kansas, USA

Danielle greeted me in a friendly manner to start my tapping session. She made me feel comfortable throughout and asked if I had questions along the way. I felt great during and after my session with her. My focus was on money mindset and I felt I was in a great headspace for the remainder of the day. I would highly recommend booking a session with Danielle.

Bowmanville, ON

The EFT session with Danielle was super insightful! I found myself entering into the session not feeling the best emotionally and feeling particularly stressed about the events that had transpired in my day. After the session, I started to feel a lot more calm and centered. Danielle did a fantastic job guiding me through the session and she was an awesome support! I would highly recommend any sessions with Danielle, she’s absolutely amazing and gives such reassuring vibes within every session. Thanks Danielle for killing it every single time and for putting us ladies and our dreams first when we’re having sessions with you.

Laura E
Kitchener, ON