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1-on-1 Coaching Program

For the millennial woman who is ready to quit playing by someone else’s rules

You are ready to create a life that matters. I am here to help you do just that.

Right now you:

❌Feel stuck with where you are currently at.

❌Lack confidence and struggle with what other people think of your BIG dreams.

❌Know that you were made for so much more than what you are currently doing.

❌Want to make a change, but are uncertain with where or how to get started.

* Consider this a sign from the Universe. This is the answer you have been looking for *

Are you ready to:

✨Take responsibility for the one and only life you have?

✨Become the most confident & carefree version of yourself?

✨Free yourself of everyone else’s expectations?

✨Finally start living YOUR life for YOU?

You deserve a life you love

This coaching experience is NOT for everyone.

My programs have been specifically designed for the woman who is ready to work on herself. It’s for the woman who is ready to let the past go & to change the way she thinks and feels about herself. She is ready to finally find inner peace and take her confidence & intuition to the next level, so that she can live life on her terms.

What My Clients Are Saying

Danielle is a wonderful mentor. She takes you on a journey to try and figure out how to look at life’s difficulties from a different angle. I felt like this program really helped me see my struggle areas, and understand what I need to do to avoid this struggles. I really appreciate the holistic approach Danielle took in getting to know me and my daily struggles and how I can truly shift my mindset so that I am better prepared for life!

Laura E
Kitchener, ON

Danielle’s program actually gave me a chance to plan out a long term vision for my life and business. If you want to get clear on your intentions, figure out who you serve, and learn how to start doing the right thing – this is for you.

Caitlin D
Virginia, USA

Danielle was extremely effective at tuning into the root of what was holding me back from making a big change in my life. She was able to quickly identify the fears that were holding me back and provided daily journal prompts and feedback to help me work through those fears and gain the introspective necessary to make a big change in my life. If you need help getting through your fears, tuning into what you desire and making a change in your life, Danielle’s coaching program is a great place to start.

Danielle L
Huntsville, ON

Danielle’s coaching helped me tune into the why behind my patterns of behaviour, which in turn has helped me change the behaviours that hurt my success and be more intentional about where I put my time and energy so it serves me better.

Jessica A
Prince George, BC

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