So, you want to start showing up online. You want people to start taking you and your business seriously. There is a message you are feeling called to share, and it’s time that people start to listen up!

Honey, I have been there. 

Perhaps you know your message is valuable, but you’re having a hard time conveying that to the people around you. Here’s how we can work around that!

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Obviously, if you want to be an expert in something you need to know what you are talking about. It’s a lot harder (and frankly quite unethical) to position yourself as an expert in something you have little to no experience in. So take a course, find a mentor, read a book – do whatever you can to continuously expand your knowledge in your chosen area of expertise.



Add value to people’s lives by showing up and sharing advice, experience, and insight. To expand your audience, you need to engage in conversations with people outside of your circle. Foster real and authentic relationships by consistently providing the knowledge people are seeking.



Most people seeking information on a particular topic, are doing so because they themselves can’t seem to pinpoint what is missing. As an expert, it is your role to show them (i.e. “You are struggling with xyz, here is what is missing, you need to learn zyx, I will show you how.”)



Regardless of the industry, people seek social proof that you can deliver on your promises. Whether or not they are purchasing something from you, the consumer wants to know that the resources they are consuming are legitimate and that those who came before them have been satisfied with their experience.


5. STEP UP //

People want to know you and people want to SEE you. If you don’t SHOW the consumer that you have what they need, how are they to know? Stop hiding behind your excuses, your fears, and your doubts and start demonstrating what you have to offer.


Not sure where to start? Find out your purpose here.

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