4 Ways to Handle Failure


Let’s talk about failure. You did the thing, and it didn’t work out. We have all been there a time or two before… and it’s freaking hard!

You see, there is this tendency to believe that life is supposed to just be this perfect road map. So, when things don’t work as you had envisioned, you get totally derailed and defeated. Well, sonsider this your reminder that failure is in fact not an ending, but instead a beautiful beginning!

AND it’s time to equip yourself with the tools you need to handle it gracefully, pick yourself back up, and carry on.

1. Failing Doesn’t Mean You Are a Failure

Set backs are a part of life. When something doesn’t go as planned it is easy to put all the blame on yourself and to think you are a failure, but I urge you to avoid this trap. Failing once does not mean you are destined to fail forever. If anything, failing can teach you valuable lessons on how to avoid failing again in future (win!).

The problem is that we all too often often only hear about people’s successes, which paints this false evidence that failure is only for those who don’t ever succeed. The truth is however, that the path to milestones and success is often riddled with setbacks. In fact, failure is inevitable and how you handle it is everything.

Seeing negative situations as temporary is going to be the catalyst you need to keep going.

2. Learn and Carry On

Seek to use every failure as a learning opportunity. When things don’t work, ask questions:

  • Why did this happen?
  • What factors were working against me?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • How can I do better or be better next time?

Learned. Iterate. Restructure. Try again.

All failures are learning opportunities. Remember that. It’s up TO YOU to figure out WHAT it is you are learning, and to carry that with you into your next pursuit. Take the perspective of questioning “what’s 1 thing I can learn here?” and I promise you’ll be amazed at what comes up for you.

3. Seek support

Too often with failure we are ashamed of what has transpired, and we try to keep it all within. However, when you can be open and honest about what happened, you will be amazed about the new perspectives (or even entirely new opportunities) that will find their way to you.

Use failure as an opportunity to learn from someone who has been there before, or to tap into the enthusiasm of someone who gets it and can show you how to get PAST it. Processing and accepting the failure is essential, but actually sharing in the process is completely transformative.

4. Take Action

The best way to move on from failure is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Simply start. Take a single action – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember that as humans we are all growing here. Iterating. Trying again.

Procrastination after failing can be nasty. It creeps in trying to stop us from failing again… But the truth is, the only way to mvoe past failure is to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. One single failure (in life, business, relationships, etc.) does not represent your whole life. You owe yourself the opportunity, to get up, create a plan, to take ACTION & try again.

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Failure is not the end. Failure is not indicative of you as a person. Handling failure comes down to simply seeing it as an opportunity. To learning. To iterating. And to trying again. That’s it. That’s all.


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4 Ways to Handle Failure

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