Trust Your Intuition

Let’s talk about the ‘feeling’, the ‘knowing’t or at the very least the gentle inclination that something is off, or awesome, or needs our attention.

We have all experienced it. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

If you’re anyone who has ever had to make a big decision before you are likely familiar with this idea of trusting your gut or letting your intuition guide you, right?

Or maybe you’ve made a bad decision only to later look back and think, “Wow, the signs were there… I should’ve listened to what my intuition was telling me”

Sound familiar? Same.

Our intuition is like this sneaky guide that knows what’s true for us before we know it. It has this ability to acquire knowledge without conscious reasoning, and we don’t even know it is happening.

But what happens is… we get so caught up in day to day life! We are constantly doing things on autopilot that we start to lose touch with our intuition. And so we often end up finding ourselves in places, situations, relationships, or careers that don’t feel quite right and we can’t quite pinpoint how or why.

We lose sight and fall out of touch with our intuition.

Only when we can learn to tune back into its frequency can we find its gentle guidance to follow our soul to a life that feels good.

Intuition exists in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. The more we can learn about it, the more we can use it to shape our lives for the better.

Let me share 3 tips on how to get started.

1. Find Inspiration

Your intuition can’t talk to you if you’re not listening. When you start to take notice, good things will happen. Just try it and see.

Start by asking yourself, “What is it that inspires me?”

You see, sometimes life can become so muddled and messy, that it can be difficult for us to remember the simple joys. When you find yourself in a rut, it’s important to find another source of inspiration and go back to what you love (e.g. cooking, art, meditation, gardening, watching a favourite TV show, etc.).

Do whatever brings you joy, and the inspiration will likely follow.

Learning to tap into your mind and understand what it is that makes you feel good, is a direct way of tapping into your intuition.

2. Focus on the Good

Negativity will always breed more negativity. Similarly, thinking in a positive state – even when things aren’t going well – will signal positive return in the universe.

Many people are unaware of this concept and consequently end up with unchecked emotions being sent out into the universe, resulting in negative or undesirable results.

It’s been proven that humans always find a way to achieve the goals they really wish to achieve. If we think we can’t do something, we won’t. If we believe we can, we will take the action.

So what you need to do here is detach yourself from negativity and take a minute to re-evaluate what you are putting into the universe.

You intuition wants what is best for you so ask yourself, “Where or what am I feel called to share?” and then start believing that this is true for you.

3. Trust. Feel. Practice.

Most importantly, you have to give yourself the opportunity to make intuitive decisions.

Research has shown that emotion and intuition present themselves physically in our gut. In fact you’re probably familiar with that “gut feeling” you get when it comes to making big decisions. Well, it’s real.

Furthermore, if you give yourself the opportunity to actually feel it, you will notice. Sometimes in ways that are quite obvious (shivers down the spine, twisting in the tummy, chills down the back), and other times in ways that are more subtle.

The important part to remember is that you need to train yourself to recognize it. You’ll know when something is right and you’ll know when it’s off, but you need to start with practicing.

Start by Listen to how you really feel about what you want to do/eat/see.

You need to afford yourself the opportunity to follow that gut feeling. We often ignore this feeling in fear of the “what if’s” and the comfort we find in sticking with the status quo, but in practicing over time to trust you heart in decisions for smaller events (i.e. what you eat for breakfast, where to go for coffee, etc), you will build the confidence in your intuition enough to make larger more life impacting decisions later on.

Learn to stand in your truth. Let your heart lead and use your head to formulate the plan. 

3 Ways to Learn to Trust Your Intuition

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