2 Ways to Manifest

It’s true. You get to have it all. It gets to be easy. You just have to decide it to be so, and here is how.

Think of where you are right now.

Up until this point in time, your life has been determined by your environment and changes in the world around you. -Certain things have happened to you, you have made certain decisions, and they have lead you here. Some of those things were by choice, others by circumstance. Some of those things were good, and some not so good.

And I would hazard to guess that many of the choices you have made, have come out of this place of obligation. Doing things you don’t want to because you feel like you “have to”.

The problem here, is when you stay here & forever stay stuck in things you don’t want to do because you feel obligated to fulfill whatever belief it is you have.

But here’s the thing… nothing in life is permanent – no job, no relationship, no career path, no location – if you DECIDE it’s not, and a lot can change when you decide to say “Hey, wait a minute… today I am THIS, but tomorrow I shall be THAT”.

You have the power to shape your life. You know the phrase ‘Thoughts Become Things’, well it’s true. The things we think, the things we read, the things we do, and the things that we believe ultimately become our reality. 

Manifestation looks like deciding what you want, deciding you deserve to have it, taking very intentional action towards it, and letting the rest happen on its own time in its own way.

So how do we work to use manifestation in our lives for success?

I am keeping it short and simple – coming at you this week with just TWO very important steps

1. Connect to Your Purpose

If you want things to change in your life, you need to start by connecting to your purpose or your “why”. Use this why to guide you to your bigger goal, and focusing on keeping your mind fixed more on what the end goal is, and less on the how it will all work out.

Yes, you need to take action – but you don’t need to be fixated on every specific detail. The universe only grants you ideas that you are meant to fulfill, and whether you feel up to the challenge of that idea or not, if you lean in and trust that it will work with ALL that you have in you – it WILL work.

Manifestation seems wild, but I’ve seen it work in my own life. This leads me to step 2.

2. Be Patient

It’s not as simple as “I want a million dollars and so it will be” – nope.

It takes intentional work and a lot of patience. We live in a world where we want things instantly (like the second we think of them), but it’s not realistic. Time is necessary to allow things to fall into line as intended.

I want you to think of any time you have worked on a massive project or worked to save up a sum of money. In most cases, your results were likely not overnight, correct? This is no different – the universe needs time to work its magic, to align the right people in your path, and to create the space for opportunities to become available.

I think many people struggle with manifestation because they think, “Well I wanted to do xyz, I gave it a week/month/whatever – some finite time line and it didn’t work.”

The universe is not your employee or your kid – it doesn’t listen to rules and boundaries you set. In fact, it has its own. Exercise your patience and recognize that what you want IS coming… eventually.

It doesn’t matter how or when just TRUST that it is happening when you need it… not necessarily when you want it. See how that works?

Manifesting is actually co-creation so this means working towards what you want. It means looking out for opportunities that may lead you where you want to be. It means taking action that compliments your desires.

Things might get hard and not go as planned… if you start to question at these times whether or not it will work, it won’t. It really is that simple reframe it as “okay, this isn’t working now, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t part of the greater journey”.

Most successful didn’t just become successful – they failed, iterated, tried again, overcame struggle… AND THEN eventually succeeded.

If you find yourself doubting the process try reaffirming

“I’m getting closer and closer to my goals every day. The universe has my back and it’s awesome.”

Manifesting is totally possible – I know this firsthand and I am SO thankful to the universe for it

THANK U, MORE PLZ – bonus tip* gratitude is also key in manifesting

Your life is your life – and we are each on a unique journey. Life events serve us, and they happen for a reason – good or bad. If you haven’t had success in manifesting , don’t give up! Connect to WHY you want whatever it is, and trust the universe is working in your favour. You’ve got this honeyyy and I am here for it.

2 Ways to Manifest What You Want

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