4 Ways to Improve Your Morning

So many of us live our lives on auto-pilot. We hop out of bed, and jump into the day instantly feeling overwhelmed by everything we need to get done. Crafting a morning routine that works for you is paramount to curbing stress and staying organized.

Here’s how I do it:

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1. Leave Your Curtains Partially Open //

*insert gasp here*

I know many of us feel the need for pitch black in order to fall asleep, (I get it – trust me), but as long as you aren’t going to bed when the sun is still up, cracking the curtains a few inches shouldn’t hurt.

The main benefit of this practice is the natural light that aids in your awakening. Even though you will still be asleep in the morning, the natural light seeping through your eyelids will trigger your brain to slow the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) thus encouraging you to wake up – with much ease I might add. Consistent practice of this will aid in the adjustment of your “natural clock” making it easier and easier over time to wake up.

You’re still going to need an alarm clock, but perhaps you won’t feel like such a zombie when it goes off, ya feel?

2. Hydrate //

Arguably the most talked about, but under-utilized morning hack – hydration!

Think about it, you just spent 7-8 hours sleeping… I can guarantee you that your body is going to be dehydrated, which is why I like to start each day by chugging 1L of water. Proper hydration not only kick starts your metabolism, it can also improve your focus, and increase your energy.

Honestly on days where I don’t drink water – my body knows.

Best Daily Practices

3. Stretch //

Stretching: a simple practice and yet so few of us actually do it. Think you don’t have time for a little morning yoga session? Wrong. Try this video, or search through the hundreds of other “5 minute morning stretching routines” on YouTube. Stretching out your extremities first thing in the morning will enhance blood flow, increase your alertness, and improve the oxygen flow to all of your tissues – a win, win, win situation one might say.

4. Review Your To-Do’s //

If I can leave you with one solid piece of advice about your morning routine, let it be this.

If you want to have a focused, productive, and stress-free day; it starts with having a plan. Every morning I sit down and ‘brain dump’ all of the things I need to accomplish. From this list, I select 3-5 things that I can realistically get done TODAY. Exercising this practices not only helps me to maintain focus and move into my day with intention, but also the satisfaction that comes from being able to cross things off the list keeps me motivated to keep on pressing to the next thing.

Best Daily Practices Workbook

* The key to having a good day is starting off on the right foot. Give yourself the time, and utilize the tools necessary to achieve your own successes.

4 Ways to Improve Your Morning

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