Shift Your Perspective

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. Things are hard, chaotic, stressful, unpredictable… you name it. Perhaps you find yourself in the thick of; treading water, struggling to stay afloat

One of the biggest favours you can do for yourself is to learn to shift your perspective… In fact, studies have shown that both pessimism and optimism are each linked to opposite ends of the health and well-being spectrum (wherein positive thinking is linked to better health, productivity, and an overall better quality of life).

So ask yourself this: With where I am at right now, what is my overall outlook on life?

If things aren’t looking so great, worry not – these tips are for you.

1. Guide Your Energy

Many philosophers over time have theorized that how you think will create the energy in your life.

I have seen this in my own life; the more we know and trust that good is coming, the more good we welcome into our lesson.

Long story short, negative energy attracts negative results

Use the power of positive thinking to guide your energy towards yielding more positive results in your day-to-day.

Furthermore, studies have shown that visualization is one of the most powerful techniques to achieving what you want in life. Before you are able to believe in a goal, you  must have an idea of what it looks like. This is where your vision comes into play.

  • Where is it that you want to be?
  • What is it that you want to feel?

Through visualizing your potential future, you will become motivated and prepared to make the moves needed towards achieving it. Choose to focus on the outcomes of your goals and the results will expand into the rest of your life.

And so, when things don’t seem to be working in your favour, rather than find excuses for why it’s not working, or complain about whats not working, trying asking:

  • What is this teaching me?
  • How can I use this misstep for good?

2. Control the Negative Self Talk

Here’s the thing about the negative thoughts… they can impact our perspective; making small problems large, and even creating problems where none existed.

Like when you automatically assume the worst of a comment someone makes, and suddenly you spiral into a massive scenario unrelated to whatever the initial comment was.

Sound familiar?

You might even be thinking: “But I can’t stop my brain from being mean to me.” And while you’re not totally wrong, you CAN try this…

  1. Figure out the areas you typically approach most negatively (passion project, work, friendships, weight loss) and focus on the positive attributes of them. What is going well for you?
  2. Check in periodically with yourself throughout your day to assure your thoughts are positive. If they aren’t, focus on spinning them the other way. When a negative thought pops up ask, How is this NOT true?

When negative thoughts about yourself enter your mind remind yourself of your most shining attributes. The more positive self talk you practice, the more positive your perspective becomes, seems simple right?

It’s a practice, it won’t happen overnight, but with conscious effort it will improve over time.

3. Inspiration & Resiliency

Inspiration is every where these days (think movies, books, podcasts, YouTube videos), and I encourage you find whatever works for you!

Seek resources that will reaffirm the vision that you have created for your life, and incorporate those into your regular routine. By watching and listening to others succeed in the areas you wish to as well, the idea that you too can succeed will become reaffirmed within you.

Optimism does not mean you need to act oblivious and ignore life’s more unpleasant situations. It simply means that when faced with misfortune, you actively choose to approach it in productive and positive way.

Positive people develop a mental capacity that allows them to adapt with ease during adversity. Watching others mirror this in their journeys can be pivotal in allowing you to do the same in yours.

Focus your energy on being adaptable, accepting, and grateful of difficulties. Learn to cope with the realities and challenges of life trusting that things will work out eventually.

Whether your glass is half full or half empty right now, it doesn’t matter. You have the power to change and I know this to be true for you as it was for me.

Despite all the noise in the world you have the power to do and believe better.

Choose optimism, it feels better.

3 Ways to Shift Your Perspective

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