The Mind Body Soul Bundle



This digital bundle is a 4 week course designed to connect you to your mind, body, and soul through exploring yoga, meditation, and journaling.


Journaling to Success
This self-guided .pdf includes 28 days of writing prompts and was designed as an introduction to journaling. It has been intentionally crafted to work through what is motivating you, what is inspiring you, and what is standing in your way.

Yoga For The Mind
This 12 day program is designed as an introduction to sequencing your own yoga practice through learning the benefits of different postures in relation to different periods of mental and spiritual development. It was designed to be used 3x per week for 4 weeks, in conjunction with the other components of this bundle.

Weekly Guided Meditation
This 4 part meditation series consists of (4) 10 minute meditation that were designed to be used on a weekly basis.

WEEK 1 – Tapping Into Your Inner Voice

WEEK 2 – Connecting To Your Surroundings

WEEK 3 – Developing Your Vision

WEEK 4 – Stepping Into Your Highest Self

The Mind Body Soul Bundle


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