get out of a rut

Have you ever lacked motivation, focus, or the desire to try new things? Maybe you feel sad and the things that used to bring you joy just aren’t doing it anymore… and you’re left wondering “Where do I go from here?”

You feel burnt out, don’t know what to do, and quite frankly you don’t feel like doing anything at all.

Yeah. Same.

In this post I will share some tips from personal experience that I’ve used to work through pulling myself out of a rut, in hopes of helping you to do the same.

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1. Connect with Inspiring People

It’s important to surround yourself with people who life your spirits. Often when we find ourselves in a rut, our inclination is to retreat. We all are guilty of this.

However, the reality is that meaningful relationships make us happier, healthier, and more productive. That’s why it’s so great to keep a diverse group of connections; each having a different form of motivation to offer.

If you find yourself in a rut, seek out the connections and conversations that will inspire you.

2. Know It’s Okay to Take a Break

As adults, there is a tendency to always be “doing”. We put too much on plate, we expect too much of ourselves, and often we find ourselves constantly feeling behind, burnt out and lacking motivation.

It’s time to be intentional. Just like we need cycles of work and sleep every day and night, on a larger time scale the same principle applies.

We need periods of work and intensity and periods of rest; our lives rely on this cycle; it’s time to honour that.

3. Explore New Interests

The reality is that no one has innate passions. However, there is a common misconception that people who do great things, were born knowing what their “thing” was.

When in fact this belief can be very dangerous. When we don’t know or understand our passion, it can illicit a lot of guilt and thoughts like:

“Well, why don’t I have that?”
“What am I even good at?”
“How come they love their job and I hate mine?”
“This is why I am so stuck”

In reality, passions comes from trying many different things. Each of us possesses a ton of small interests that we can choose to explore, or not.

Sometimes these interests turn into something, and sometimes not. The best way to pull yourself out of a rut is to follow those threads of interest & see what opportunities unfold.

Challenge yourself, challenge your brain and learn something new along the way.

3 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

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