New year // new me, right?

Well, probably not exactly… but why not start the new year off with better intentions? I have put together a list of my TOP 10 reminders to help you start showing up authentically this year in order to live the life you have always dreamed.

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1. Make the Decision to Start

So, you want to try something new? Begin anywhere right now, with what you have. Starting is the hardest part, so feel the fear and give it a go.

2. Perfect Is a Waste of Time

Criticism is always going to existSomeone will always find fault in whatever you do, so be happy with your work as it is and the right people will appreciate it. Mastery of anything is nearly impossible.

3. Understand There is Value in Risk

We often let our fears stand in our way of chasing what we want. You need to get out of your own head. Fear is a story you are telling yourself, and no reward has ever been achieved without some risk associated. Remember that.

4. No One Cares About You

As much as we think the world is paying attention to us, they aren’t. People are often drawn to us for a split second, until the drama of their own life sucks them back in. This sentiment may seem harsh, but it’s true. Use this to your advantage and accept the freedom to do whatever the heck you want. At the end of the day, no one cares as much as you think.

5. Use Curiosity to Your Advantage

Maybe you still don’t know your passion. Maybe you lose momentum in your passion from time to time. The key here is to make sure you don’t get stuck!

Get to work and remain curiousMake time for the things you enjoy and ask yourself, “What am i interested in right now?” “What do I want to share?”

Follow your curiosity and see where it leads. My curiosity has never led me astray.

6. Measure Your Worth in Devotion Not Success

Make time for what you love and enjoy it. More often than not, the joy comes from trying to figure out the puzzle vs. figuring it out. Successful people don’t pursue passion because they have free time, they pursue passion because it matters to them.

Try something new, and see what you gain.

7. The Outcome Doesn’t Matter

You are worthy regardless of your successes. Always keep working even when things aren’t panning out as intended. 

What do you love to do so much that success or failure don’t matter either way?

Following this will bring you joy.

8. Know That Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work

It sucks, but that’s life. The failure is all about how you frame it. You have the choice to view these failures as interesting or awful.

Simple really.

When you take away the drama of a failure, you get an interesting situation. Persevere nonetheless and experience the rewards of your transformation.

9. Know That You WILL Fail

It is inevitable, and that’s okay. The best rewards and successes often coming from repeatedly failing. Get up, assess what you’ve learned, and try something new.

10. Never Apologize For Showing Up

People will judge you, and that’s on them. Work hard and stay consistent. This is your life, and your journey. Follow your pursuits true to you.

10 Ways To Show Up Authentically in 2019

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