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<< REWIND to 2017

I was grinding away at a 9-5 job, commuting 1 hour every day, living for Friday and hoping Monday would never come.

From the outside things looked pretty great:
✅ good education
✅ secure job
✅ benefits package
✅ pension plan

I had done everything “right”, but in reality I was incredibly unhappy.

In fact, I spent the majority of my time during my commute every day thinking,

“There has to be more to life than just working for 40 years and dying…”

As a kid I had envisioned my life as serving a greater purpose far beyond the four walls of my cubicle, and yet here I was working as an administrator answering people’s disgruntled phone calls about how their garbage wasn’t collected on time.

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this wasn't my story

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>> FAST FORWARD to 2018

I started spending every free hour I had (lunch breaks, weekends, evenings, etc.) journaling, listening to podcasts, scouring Facebook Groups, connecting with mentors, and I finally began to foster a clear vision for the life I wanted to create.

On my 26th birthday, my boyfriend and I were sitting on a brewery tour bus (I love a good craft beer) when on a whim I secured my spot in a Yoga Teacher Training course in Portugal and booked my roundtrip flights for the next month.

I quit my job

& it was all thanks to a few key tools and resources I had compiled to get my mindset right, a plan in place, and the belief in myself to actually make it work.

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My experience made me realize something…

Not everyone finds the courage to create the life they really want for themselves, and it breaks my heart.

Do I think everyone needs to quit their job like I did to be happy? Absolutely not.
Do I believe most people are made for more than they allow themselves to be? Definitely yes.

So, I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to help people who felt the way I did.

I started breaking down the systems, the steps, the tools; absolutely everything that I used to figure out how to create the life I actually wanted… and today I am excited to share it all with you.

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In 2019, I created a membership full of resources to help people navigate
all of those feelings I had experienced just 4 short years ago.

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Here’s exactly what you’ll discover inside ⬇️

🌈 My strategy for connecting to yourself & getting crystal clear on what you really want for your life

⚡The best techniques that I have found to overhaul your anxiety and crippling fear

💥  The most incredible tools for identifying limiting beliefs and kicking them to the curb for good

🧘 The clarity and stillness you desire all while building and strengthening your yoga practice

The support and guidance you need to become the best version of yourself

💛 An incredible community that loves and appreciates you just the way you are


stop dreading, start creating




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Bringing all of my best resources into one space.

In order for you to create a life by design.

I have invested over $10,000 in coaches, trainings, and courses to learn everything that I share in this membership.

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what's included?

Exclusive Membership Portal & Facebook Group (value: $297)

Access to our Soul Society Facebook Group & Course Area where you can find the course material, accountability, connect with other members, ask questions, and access all of the tools and trainings you need for your journey.

Monthly Live Group Coaching (value: $97)

Connect face to face with Danielle & other community members monthly where you can ask any questions, gain inspiration, share your experiences and connect with each other.

Weekly Journal Prompts & Live Trainings (value: $197)

Gain access to weekly motivational chats hosted LIVE in our Facebook Group with Danielle to get inspired and clear on setting intentions for the week.

Yoga Classes via Livestream & 100+ Pre-recorded Classes (value: $497)

An entire library of classes ranging from 10 to 60 minutes in a variety of styles for all experience levels. New LIVE classes released each month.

25+ Downloadable Meditations (value: $247)

Learn about the foundations of meditation and start to build your own practice at home with a variety of downloadable meditations ranging from 5-30 minutes.

30+ Video Trainings (value: $497)

Step-by-step trainings related to mindset, stress management, and goal setting in order to help you get clear on your desires & learn the tools needed to build a life you love.

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Most coaches would charge THOUSANDS  for these resources,
but I am giving it all to you for just $35CAD per month.
membership price
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Want to know the best part?

I have so much faith you will love this membership, that I am offering you a 14-day money back guarantee. I’ll give you 14 days to see and try it all… Still don’t like it?

No problem, I’ll refund you – no questions asked.

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⬇️ Here’s all you need to do now ⬇️

Have your credit card ready and register using our secure online payment system. Once you’ve registered, I will email you everything you need to get started.

Questions? EMAIL ME

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✔️ Feel as though you are lost or stuck & want to start defining a clear direction for your life

✔️ Want to kick your fears & thoughts of self-doubt to the curb for good

✔️ Are willing to prioritize yourself & your wellbeing so that you can feel more grounded

✔️ Desire to feel healthy, fulfilled, confident, and happy with who you are & the life you are creating

✔️ Want to explore your own yoga & meditation practice in the comfort of your home


Listen, before you decide to join or not…
I’ll leave you with this thought.
If you don’t take action today, where will you be tomorrow?
You’ll be exactly where you already are.
Is that where you want to stay?

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… But Who Am I?


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