3 Ways to Stick Up For Yourself

Are you scared to “do the thing?”

If you have ever caught yourself, negotiating your goals or your desires out of the fear of what other people are going to say, think, or do about it. We need to have a talk. I have been there through the thick of it. Working a 9 to 5 job, afraid to change even though I knew it was necessary…

Until one glorious day – I woke the HECK UP. It’s time for you to do the same.

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1. Stop Needing Perfection

It’s time to stop taking more courses, using excuses, hiring more help, reading more books – searching for the answer. Dig deep. You already KNOW what you want & you already HAVE what you need.

All too often we delay the inevitable because things aren’t 100% perfect, but now is your chance to do yourself a favour by putting things out to the world before you feel ready.


Well friend, when you share your work before it is perfect you open yourself up for feedback, and feedback is NOT criticism. Welcoming the opportunity for an outside perspective to make it even better is called growing, being human, and understanding you might experience some negativity.

In fact, the difference between criticism as a set back and criticism as a growth opportunity is the ability to remove the emotion and see it as feedback. The best part is… you don’t have to use every piece of feedback! (but at least it’s there if you need it).

Perfect is a waste a freaking time, so take the leap do thing and you will be freaking AMAZED at what comes your way.

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2. Be Disciplined

Get your sleep. Eat well. Exercise regularly.


You can’t stick to the path towards the life you want if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Why? Because you are now not only stressed about pursuing your goals, but you are also stressed with how crappy you are feeling, how little you are moving, and how chaotic your life feels. Makes sense right?

When you aren’t disciplined you are going to feel guilty because your lower self is winning and you are essentially sabotaging yourself. When we fall into guilt, we fall into a state of apathy thinking, “Why bother doing anything at all? I suck. I’m the worst.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Well friend, cut it out.

Do the damn thing even when you’re inner child is crying “but moooooom I don’t wanna”
Do the damn thing. When it’s hard & when it’s easy.

Remember, you are worth it, they are valid, and they deserve the chance to come to fruition. 

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3. Just Do It!!!!!

Are you waiting for permission? This is it.

Trust me when I say that the guilt of NOT doing it is going to feel worse than just doing it right now. 

In fact, the longer you wait the more likely you are to see someone 6 months down the road doing the EXACT THING you wanted to be doing, kicking yourself thinking “Damn, I should’ve done the thing”.

The reality is that the time is going to pass whether you take action or not so stop compromising your goals. Stick to your guns. Say you’ll do the thing, and then GO DO IT.

It’s time to stop negotiating the life you want. You need it. You deserve it.

If you are fighting with yourself you are setting yourself up for stagnation, and this is your chance to change that. You have no excuse to not follow the path towards the life you desire. You are here to be amazing, not to negotiate your way out of the life you deserve. So stop living in the argument, and DO THE THING HONEY.

3 Ways to Stick Up For Yourself

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