2 Ways to Find Success

Have you ever thought about your definition of success?

What is it? What does it look like?

It could be money. It could be recognition. It could be freedom.

Regardless of what success is or looks like for you, there is a commonality amongst most people, and that is, that in order to achieve success, it requires hard work and persistence.

In this life, there is a well defined difference between people who create their own life to become successful on their own terms, and people who settle for what life provides them.

(& the truth is that latter often end up feeling very stuck)

In order to create the life you want, you need the foundation for a mindset that allows you to succeed. You don’t have to be the smartest person, have access to the most resources, or be the most talented in order to be successful; you just have to make the effort to try, and continue see your dream through to the end even when times get tough.

These two tips will help you do just that.

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1. Remember Mindset is Everything.

As with any pursuit in life, your mindset will directly impact your results.

 If you believe in yourself that you can do whatever you set out to accomplish, you are much more like to succeed at it, becase subconsciously you know you are capable.

Similarly, the opposite is true.

Having the confidence to know that you can accomplish things, will lead you to believe that you can and will accomplish even more.

Even when when you find yourself making mistakes along the way (this is inevitable); you will do so knowing that you are trying your best. And rather than let them derail you, you can learn to have the perspective to understand that mistakes are learning experiences to iterate, learn, and to do better later on.

The sooner you forgive yourself, the sooner you can get back on track, let go, and trust you are still capable of success.

2. Understand That Persistence is Necessary

Millennials are a generation dependent on instant satisfaction, reward, and success. I hate it, but it’s true. We want to do the thing and see the results, right away.

But the truth is, REAL success doesn’t work that way in the long term and this can make it difficult to stay motivated when times get tough. 

So, in order to be successful you need to be willing to commit to your pursuit. You need to pick something that you wish to achieve (career, relationship, hobby etc.) and stick to it longer than 5 seconds.

Regardless of what you see on the internet, nothing is actually achieved over night. Great things take time. (Typically, likely much longer than anticipated.)

So, you have to be willing to put in not only the work and the time the work takes, but you also have to put in the time waiting in the place of not knowing when or how things will work out.

The rewards aren’t always obvious or immediate, so remain patient and trust the process.

– – –

Define your own success, and then remember that it all starts with making a single move. You will never know if something is right for you unless you try it. Break down your goals and approach them piece by piece – consistently.

The world is yours to pursue. All beliefs are limiting, but it is up to you where that limit is. 

I believe in you.

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2 Ways to Find Success

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