Define Your Path

Have you ever stopped, got quiet, and asked yourself, “How am I feeling?”

You see, life is chaotic sometimes and at times it’s hard to cut through the noise. When we were kids it was easy – we were essentially unafraid to be and do what we wanted… and then somewhere along the way, between graduating high school, pursuing or not pursuing post secondary, getting our first “real job” and carrying on from there we sort of lost touch.

Up until this point in your life you have likely listened to peers, and family members, and mentors, and teachers as they have told you what you should or shouldn’t do. They have told you what is realistic, and what is safe, and what is important, and because you love and trust these people, you have listened.

But you see friend, the problem here is that sometimes what seems like “the right thing to do” – is not always the BEST thing to do.

And what happens is that as you follow this path, you are slowly trading your dreams with your desire to accepted – meaning that you aren’t necessarily pursuing what you actually WANT to pursue, because you fear that people will not be okay with this unconventional or unexpected trajectory.

If you’ve been walking in someone else’s path up until this point in your life, just know that is okay, and that it’s not too late to find yourself back to your true path of uniqueness. You can actually choose to embrace your path at any stage of your life. Your life is truly yours to create.

Here’s how.

1. Experiment

The single best way to figure out who you are & what you want is to try different things. Check in with yourself and ask, “why am I doing this thing?”

We get so caught up in life on auto-pilot without even knowing it. We show up and do the work of following this formula that has been laid out in front of us, without paying any mind as to why we are doing it. In work, in life, and in your relationships it’s important to ask yourself “WHY AM I DOING THIS”.

And then, from there… sometimes what needs to happen is the pivot (which can be really hard).

Deciding to leave your 9 to 5? That’s hard – I know from experience… BUT to me what seemed even harder at the time was resisting the pivot and staying where I was. Does that make sense?

In the grand scheme of things, we are here one time, to live each moment one time, and so WHY are we spending so much of our time, doing things we don’t like, or doing things that feel OFF, or doing things just because our mom or our dad or that teacher in high school said it would be a good idea???

Try new things,
Like things,
Hate things,

2. Let Go of Expectations

We all have expectations of ourselves & of others. It’s like this never ending internal narrative of “oh I’m 25 I should have a stable job by now, or a house, or a husband, or 2 children, etc.” (Basically whatever that idyllic persona is you created for yourself back when you were 16 and had no idea what the real life was like).

As humans, we are social beings, and we care a lot about what other people think of us. So when we aren’t fulfilling these imaginary guidelines we have set for ourselves, we alter our behave to try and fit into this box.

But the real secret to defining your life is this – STOP. FIXATING. ON. THE. OPINIONS. OF. OTHERS.

Stop letting these imaginary rules of you are or were supposed to be control every decision you make! JUST STOP.

3. Own Your Life

So many people in the world settle for a life of conforming, of mediocrity, and of the status quo… and that is not okay. When you spend your time blending in, you will ultimately be unhappy and unfulfilled. You have ONE life, ONE chance, ONE ride… and this is your ONE opportunity to go for all of the desires in your heart.

It’s time to start honouring your unique values, and attributes, and skills, and expectations. What do YOU want for your life? What works? What feels good?

The more you lean into that & the more you take ownership, the more unstoppable you will feel for honouring your unique life and doing what actually lights your soul.

When you begin to walk your unique path, you’ll build strength, and give others the courage to do the same for themselves.

3 Ways to Define Your Unique Path

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